Google Chrome Offline Installer

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21 November 2021
Google Chrome Offline Installer

How to make Google Chrome your default browser?

Making Google Chrome your default browser is really quick and easy. Just click on “More” which are the 3 dots located at the upper right corner of your window, select settings, and then look for the Default Browser option. If you do not see any button next to it, that means that Google Chrome is already your default browser. Otherwise, click on the button that says “Make Default.”

How to change the Google Chrome theme?

Personalizing your Google Chrome browser is made possible by changing its theme, which can be done by visiting the Chrome Web Store. Select the Themes option located at the left side of your window and you will see all the available themes that you can download and install. Select one and click the “Add to Chrome” button. You will immediately see the changes being applied. If you happen to not like how it turns it out,simply click “Undo” from the pop-up notification that will appear shortly after installation.

How to install extensions in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome Extensions can also be found in the Chrome Web Store. Simply click on the Extensions tab at the side of your window and a wide selection of extensions will be shown. Pick the ones you need and click on “Add to Chrome.” Once installed, the extensions will be displayed beside the address bar where you can access it anytime.

What is Google Chrome Safe Mode?

Google Chrome Safe Mode is the same with Incognito Mode. You can switch to this mode either by clicking “More,” which are the 3 dots located at the upper right corner of your window and selecting “New Incognito Window,” or by using the keyboard shortcut Control+Shift+N. When in Safe Mode, all your browser extensions are disabled and your browsing history will not be recorded, which is a good way to secure your privacy, especially when you are using a different or public computer.

How do you block websites in Google Chrome?

The easiest and fastest way to block a website in Google Chrome is by downloading an extension for it. Visit Chrome Store, search for “Block Site,” and then click “Add to Chrome” to install it. The next step is to visit the website that you wish to block, click the “Block Site” icon beside the address bar, and then click the “Block this site” button.

What is the Chrome Web Store?

The Chrome Web Store contains all the available themes, apps, and extensions for your Google Chrome browser. To go to the Chrome Web Store, just visit and from there, you can choose which extensions, apps, themes, and other features you would like to use. There is also a search tab available to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

Is Google Chrome a good browser?

Google Chrome is one of the best and most-used browsers out there. It is customizable and easy to navigate because of its neat and organized interface. There are also browser extensions that offer additional and helpful functions to boost productivity and make life easier. Google Chrome protects its users’ privacy and ensures that you are safe from any harmful malware.

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