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23 December 2021
Telegram For PC

About Telegram For PC

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging platforms. Also, It's one of the strongest competitors of the What's App. Also, Telegram has no limit to transfer files and chat. 


Telegram is a very simple interface, So users can easily understand, How to use it. Telegram is encrypted with every data when you are chatting.  So no one hacks your data while chatting. Also, Telegram is available on various devices and Operating systems. But this version is for pc

Telegram Windows 64bit Download
File Size: 34 MB
Telegram Portable Windows
File Size: 41 MB
Telegram Windows 32bit Download
File Size: 30 MB
Telegram Linux 64bit Download
File Size: 39 MB
Telegram MacOS Download
File Size: 77 MB

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